The commercial real estate market is saturated with commercial brokers and agents alike.  That being said, not all commercial agents are created equally, which can make it difficult to decide which direction you should turn to find the best option for you!  If you’re in Baton Rouge or any of the surrounding areas, SVN | Graham, Langlois, & Legendre, LLC could be the right next step for you, and we’d like to tell you what sets our commercial brokers apart from all the rest!

A Solid Foundation

Having a firm set of core values is absolutely necessary to building a commercial real estate agency that is truly invested in the client.  At SVNGLL, that’s exactly what we aimed to do and we’ve hit the mark and kept going.  Started in 2014 by three Louisiana natives with a common goal, our company has and will continue to work diligently to provide our clients with services that are unmatched in the local market.  Putting our clients first means taking out the self-serving qualities that are closely linked with real estate, and replacing them with the cooperation needed to work with the entire brokerage community (including our competitors) to secure you the best return on your investment.  When our client wins, we all win.


In order to successfully close any commercial real estate transaction, experience goes a long way!  With over 24 commercial brokers available to serve our clients, each specializing in their own niche of the commercial market, we have the skillset and knowledge available that will secure you the best deal!  In fact, our agents have over 99 years of combined experience and have each been hand-selected to represent the SVNGLL brand and the core values that the name carries with it.  Specializing in both sales and leasing, our agents have combined their unique skill sets to put together a database of the area’s finest office buildings, industrial properties, retail spaces, multifamily investment properties, and vacant land available.

Breadth of Services

SVNGLL does a whole lot more than just matching our clients with the right buyers, sellers, and tenants.  We know that there is a lot more to the commercial real estate market than that, and for that reason, we’ve worked tirelessly to make sure that we can assist our clients in various other ways.  We also help with site selection, whether it be for restaurants and franchises, retail, or industrial space.  We walk our clients through the process from start to finish, from site location to analysis, development consultation, and negotiation of the terms of the lease.  We’ll be with our client straight up until the day their business opens up its doors, guaranteeing that each of our client’s needs are met in full.  Our clients always come first, making their positive experience working with us our number one goal.


commercial brokers networkBeing a key player in the commercial real estate market requires access to a vast network of industry professionals that can help us to help our clients.  At SVNGLL, we’ve worked hard to form strong relationships within the local community so that all of our clients can rest assured that they won’t be left with any questions once their transaction is complete.  Whether it is an inspector, a real estate lawyer, a builder, a designer, or anything in between that our clients require, we make it our job to ensure that the people we are referring you to are skilled professionals who will get the job done fairly and ethically with your best interests in mind.  We’ve also made it our mission to stay in good standing with the entire brokerage community, both local and global.  This affords us the opportunity to reach beyond the confines of our own group to pair you with the perfect counterpart that will close a deal that feels right for everybody involved.


You don’t last long in the commercial real estate market without a good reputation.  Our standing within the Baton Rouge community has allowed us to build long-standing relationships with both the industry professionals mentioned before, as well as our existing clients.  Our client retention rate is at an all-time high, a true testament that we’ve been able to live up to the core values of integrity, service, and honesty that we were determined to build upon when we decided to open our doors.

Looking for a Commercial Brokers in Baton Rouge or the Surrounding Area?

Now that you know what sets SVN | Graham, Langlois, & Legendre, LLC apart from the other brokerages you might consider working with, why would you call anybody else?  No matter what type of commercial real estate you are looking for, we feel confident that we can help you find it.  Take a look through our database of quality properties today, and reach out to a team member to begin your search!