Tenant Representation in Baton Rouge

Looking for Tenant Representation in Baton Rouge?

If you’re interested in leasing any type of commercial space in Baton Rouge you should seriously consider using tenant representation. Tenant representatives are immensely valuable because they provide the expert knowledge and support needed when renting space. Below are some of the most important aspects to know about tenant representation.

How Much Does Tenant Representation Cost?

Great news…it’s FREE! When a listing is created the commission percentage for the listing agent is already calculated and included in the price. Let’s say you are interested in a particular asset and your tenant representative, usually referred to as “Tenant Rep”, helps you evaluate that listing. If you end up loving the space and signing a lease, then a portion of the commission the listing agent receives will end up going to your Tenant Rep. This situation works out well for all parties involved. The landlord gets their property leased. The listing agent gets a commission for finding a tenant. The Tenant Rep gets a portion of that commission for bringing the tenant to the listing agent. And what about you, the tenant? By using tenant representation to help navigate the leasing process you get peace of mind knowing you got the best deal possible.

Tenant Representation Leads to More Listings Options

Not every commercial real estate listing is publicly, and easily, found online. Tenant Reps have access to property listings found only through paid subscriptions. They also have access to confidential listings, which may work perfectly for what a tenant needs. Getting tenant representation can help uncover listings you never would have considered, simply because you don’t have the same knowledge and understanding of a particular space as a Tenant Rep does. Not only will the Tenant Rep help find your current real estate location, they will assist for any future location needs. It can often take a long time to find the right location, based on your unique needs. If your lease is about to expire within the next year, you should definitely look into tenant representation. Remember, it’s free so it won’t hurt to be prepared for your next move or renewal.

Find a Tenant Representative

If you are interested in finding a commercial real estate space to lease in the Baton Rouge area, please give us a call. We have many years experience helping tenants in the area, and it’s our goal to help our clients find the best space for their specific needs.

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