Investing Self-Storage in Baton Rouge

Year after year self-storage continues to be one of the hottest investment sectors in commercial real estate. Are you interested in investing in self-storage space in Baton Rouge? There are several very unique aspects to owning self-storage as an investment. Some of these include location, tenants, turnover, contracts and maintenance.


Most commercial real estate investments rely heavily on being in an attractive and very convenient location, including good ingress and egress. One of the unique aspects about self-storage facilities is that they don’t rely so much on being in a super appealing location. Although facilities still need to be accessible, and not located in very remote areas, they don’t necessarily require a prime location in order to produce high returns.

Target Audience

Self-storage facilities are good for commercial businesses that don’t have the necessary space on-site to store all their merchandise or goods. However, commercial businesses aren’t the only ones who need self-storage space. There is also the entire residential market that relies heavily on this type of storage. This is why self-storage is such a strong investment option as it casts a wide net for its target audience covering both commercial and residential markets.

Low Turnover

Self-storage contracts aren’t typically very long, and can even be month-to-month, but despite the short-term contracts space turnover is typically very low. Most people who lease self-storage end up using the space for long periods of time and enjoy not being locked into a long-term contract.

Low Maintenance

This is an excellent benefit to investors who own self-storage facilities. Office space, multifamily properties, and other types of commercial real estate require comprehensive maintenance on a regular basis. Self-storage, on the other hand, does not require much maintenance, simply because there isn’t a whole lot to maintain.

Interested in Investing in Self-Storage in Baton Rouge?

If you want to build your own self-storage units, or are interested in learning about other self-storage invest opportunities in the Baton Rouge area, please give us a call. We are always eager to help investors with their commercial real estate needs, and this asset type is always a strong investment option.

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