Looking for Retail Space in Baton Rouge?

When searching for retail space in Baton Rouge, and beyond, there are many aspects to take into consideration. One of the most important, and the one that takes the most work, is determining the best location for your retail space needs. The location you select can be a major factor in determining whether you business succeeds or fails.

Picking the Right Location for Your Retail Space

If you’ve already started doing research about selecting the right retail space location, you’ve probably come across someone say, “It’s all about location, location, location!” Yes, location is crucial if you want customers to come through your doors. Have you noticed that Walgreens and CVS are almost always on the corner of an intersection? This works very well for them because this type of location ensures high-visibility and provides customers with easy ingress and egress. Your business may not necessarily need to be on the corner of an intersection, but visibility and accessibility are very important factors owners and leasees must consider when seeking retail CRE.

Though not true for everyone, there are situations where businesses may benefit from leasing or purchasing a retail spot that’s off the beaten road. Retail space that is more secluded or difficult to access is typically less expensive than its well-located counterparts. Is the money you would save from not being directly on the main road worth it to you? Is having your retail space off the beaten path going to prevent customers from finding you? If not, then it may be smart to go with the less pricey location. Before signing any contracts, first identify your specific location needs.

Let Our Retail Space Specialists Help

Our commercial real estate Advisors thoroughly understand the intricacies of finding and purchasing or leasing retail space in Baton Rouge and surrounding areas. If you’re looking for space, please give us a call. We would be more than happy to provide expert direction and assist you in finding the retail space best suited for accomplishing your goals.

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