Property Management in the Baton Rouge Area

Do I need property management?

Property management is a great option for those who own commercial real estate assets but don’t wish to be responsible for the maintenance of their property. There are many good reasons why a property owner might hire a property management company to handle this responsibility. These include an owner not living in an area near their asset, not having the resources to take care of the property, not having the time to maintain all of their properties, not having the desire to maintain the property or any other number of reasons.

What to know about property management

There are a number of responsibilities a property management company must handle. Here is a very brief breakdown on the services you can expect from your property managers:

  • Tenant Screening, Leasing & Payments: Chances are you will want to make sure that all potential tenants go through proper screening procedures. Your property managers will make sure to screen any potential tenants interested in your space. In addition to that, they will be able to sign on the lessors and collect payment.
  • Tenant Relations: It’s important that your property managers keep your tenants happy. Having happy tenants will lead to leasing renewals and new tenants from referrals. You want a management team that is friendly, prompt with tenant communications and responsible with any tenant activities the landlord wishes to offer.
  • Property Maintenance: No one likes depreciation, especially property owners who experience a loss in value because their asset has been poorly maintained. To avoid this owners hire a property management team to take on the responsibility of maintaining the asset and following up with tenants as needed to keep everything in good order.

Looking for Property Management in Baton Rouge?

If you’re interested in hiring someone to help with the property management of your asset in the Baton Rouge area, our team is eager to meet you! With many years of experience the SVN | Graham, Langlois and Legendre team is knowledgeable about all property types. We are eager to see how we can assist with the maintenance of your asset. Contact us today to see how our property management services will increase the value of your commercial real estate asset.