Searching for Office Space in Baton Rouge?

When searching for office space there are several things you should keep in mind. First, determine whether you want to lease the space, or if it would be better to invest in owning your own space.

Leasing Office Space:

There are some definite advantages to leasing office space. One main benefit is that you aren’t locked into a costly, long-term, commitment. If you need space, but suspect your business will see significant growth becoming too large for said space, then leasing is the better option for you. After a couple years, you can always move into a larger office location. Another reason to lease office space is because you may not have the capital to invest in an office property. This is especially true for newer businesses who are just starting out. It may be smart to save your money until you can purchase something of your own.

Purchasing Office Space:

If you are an established business and have the capital, purchasing office space over leasing is the better option. This is especially true if your business is at the point where you don’t see much need for expansion. Even for those who don’t own a business, investing in office commercial real estate can be very beneficial. By owning the property and leasing out the space, investors are able to generate a steady income stream.

Whether you’re interested in leasing or buying, it is always best to consult with an experienced commercial real estate Advisor who specializes in the office CRE sector. A specialist can readily help you identify what you need to be most successful with office space. They can also help troubleshoot various office related issues that may come up while you’re trying to identify the best asset location.

How We Can Help You?

The SVN | Graham, Langlois and Legendre team of commercial real estate specialists are highly experienced in the buying, selling and leasing of office space in Baton Rouge, and surrounding areas. Our local experts know the area well, and look forward to helping you find the most strategic location to help you accomplish your business goals.

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