It’s common knowledge that the vast majority of humans will ring in the New Year with personal resolutions on how to be better, stronger, smarter and more successful.  Have you ever thought, however, about how these resolutions can translate into running a more efficient business?  Rather than focusing solely on what you need to do as an individual to make your personal life run smoothly and effectively, why not look at it through a different lens?  What if you made some resolutions that would help your commercial office space run better as well?  Read on to get some ideas of how you can do just that!

Resolve to Get More Organized

Nothing can muck up the efficiency of a commercial office space quite as much as a whole bunch of unnecessary clutter.  Make it a point this year to create an office space that reflects the clarity and flow that you want your business to have.  Encourage your employees to clean off their desk tops, purge their inboxes, and shred any paperwork that’s been hanging around for far too long.  Clean up common areas like kitchens and break-rooms and dispose of leftover Tupperware, expired foods, and anything else that hasn’t been used in a while.  Neaten up and organize filing cabinets, mail rooms, and storage spaces as well.  With a little elbow grease from the entire office staff, your space will feel brand new in no time.

Resolve to Hear New Ideas

This year, make your commercial office space a place where everybody’s voice can be heard.  You just don’t know how many amazing, inspirational, and innovative ideas might be floating around in the heads of your coworkers and employees until you give them a platform to be expressed.  Schedule a meeting of the minds where all of your employees can come together and discuss office issues, reorganization ideas, and anything else that has been waiting to be said.  You might even decide to implement an ongoing anonymous suggestion box so that this can continue throughout the year!

Resolve to Take More Breaks

take an office space breakWhile at first glance this may seem completely counterintuitive, it is a little known fact that companies who offer more breaks to their employees run much more efficiently and produce a greater output of work.  Rather than offering the traditional model of a lunch break and two fifteen minute breaks throughout the day, consider adding a handful or more of shorter breaks where employees can get up, move about the office, stretch, and reset their brains for a moment.

Resolve to Go Green

Make this your year to bring your commercial office space up to date on some of the latest green advances!  While there may be a bit of an initial investment here as far as technological advances go, there are lots of cost-effective and simple green changes you can make as well.  For example, offer incentives to employees that walk, bike, or carpool to work, capitalize on natural lighting, and switch to recycled paper cups instead of plastic.  Reducing your carbon footprint is a great way to bring mindfulness into your office, while at the same time, helping the environment.

Resolve to Encourage Collaboration

We’ve all heard it said before that two minds are better than one.  This year, make your commercial office space a place of teamwork and collaborated ideas.  Encourage your employees to mingle throughout the day, to discuss projects, and to research and try out more effective ways of doing things that you are already doing anyway!

Resolve to Be More Involved

2019 is also a great time to be more proactive member of your team in your commercial office space.  It’s easy as the boss to delegate tasks around the office and, while this is absolutely necessary to ensure that things get done, it can also take you out of the everyday flow of your own company.  Instead, resolve to be the type of boss that follows through on suggestions, communicates clearly with other staffers, and is willing to get their hands dirty!  This is a great way to boost morale throughout the company and to show your employees that you’ve got their back.

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