Multifamily Property in Baton Rouge

Multifamily Property in Baton Rouge

If you want to invest in a multifamily property in Baton Rouge, there are several types of multi-family properties you should consider. The most common multifamily property types in the area include student housing, apartments and senior living.

Student Housing

We are fortunate to be in an area that has a high number of colleges/universities for students to choose from, ranging from the smaller campuses all the way to the great Louisiana State University (Geaux Tigers!). Student housing is a very common type of multifamily investment in our area, and as campuses continue to grow and expand there is an increasing need for additional student housing development.


Not every market has a strong need for student housing, but it’s pretty common to find apartments wherever you go. It’s not difficult to find this type of multifamily property in Baton Rouge and apartments are an excellent option for investors. If you decide to invest in this type of commercial real estate, you may want to consider using a property management company to take care of your asset once purchased. This is especially true if you don’t live in the area. Click here to read more about property management in Baton Rouge.

Senior Housing

In larger markets such as Baton Rouge, you can expect to find a strong number of senior housing options. In the realm of senior housing, there exists a wide range of development concepts. Some senior housing communities are inexpensive and basic in concept, while others are more costly and quite luxurious (including wine cellars and state=of-the-art movie theaters). The senior housing multifamily market is evolving in very exciting ways. One of our Advisors recently wrote an article about the new development concepts we are seeing. Click here to read to what she said about senior housing in Baton Rouge.

Finding a Multifamily Property Broker

If you are looking to invest in multifamily commercial real estate, you will definitely want to consult with an experienced commercial real estate Advisor who is well versed in multifamily properties and transactions. A good specialist will be able to help you understand and navigate the current conditions of the Baton Rouge multifamily market. They will also help to troubleshoot various challenges that may arise during the planning stages, helping you avoid potentially bad investments.

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