Industrial Real Estate: Cold Storage Warehouses

  • July 12, 2017
  • Industrial

When people typically think of industrial real estate, they think of warehouses, showrooms, and manufacturing buildings. A type of real estate that is not so commonly thought about is cold storage warehouses. These are built to hold a large capacity of cold or frozen items. Dealing with perishable items can be a challenge, so how do you manage these warehouses to maintain the product well? We have some tips one the best practices for this type of industrial real estate.

Taking Care of Employees and Machines

machine for industrial real estate

The cold will take a toll on not only employees working at a cold storage warehouse, but the machines will also get worn from it as well. As a warehouse manager, you also must assure that all machines are able to be worked on in the cold. The buttons must be large enough to be managed and touchscreen must have the ability to use touch with gloves on as well. A manager must be prepared to have a larger budget for equipment than a typical type of industrial real estate. The cold has a negative effect on battery life, so predicting how long a battery will last in the cold and being prepared for it to stop working is critical. To keep the cold from ruining computers and machines, heat sources can be built internally to keep the temperature of the machine normal.

Maintaining Different Temperatures

Many cold storage warehouses maintain several different temperatures for assorted products. Products such as fruits and vegetables are stored at a different temperature than ice cream. This can cause complications for third party logistic providers. It isn’t easy to maintain several different temperatures at once. A curtain wall system can be the solution for this. It is easy to move, but breaks up the temperatures into different areas. This not only keeps the warehouse much more organized, but lowers costs, since refrigerated air isn’t cheap.

Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (AS/RS)

Automated storage and retrieval systems have provided high-density, rack-storage for warehouses and are now starting to find their way into cold storage warehouses. These machines allow warehouses to maximize their available space and typically last longer than other machines. A machine that is durable and can last in cold temperatures is essential to a well-managed cold storage warehouse. AS/RS also limit the amount of warm air which enters the warehouse, this in turn can cut costs. The system removes pallets through a small opening and it is then sealed immediately. This design allows products to stay cooler upon entering the warehouse, in turn cutting cooling costs.robot for industrial real estate

Along with automated storage and retrieval systems, other updated technology is important for cold storage warehouses. This type of industrial real estate is difficult to manage and needs the most up-to-date equipment to run as efficiently as possible. Robotics is an upcoming technology that are changing the way these warehouses are managed. Robots, cables, seals, and lubricants all allow for freezers to be shut faster, limiting the amount of refrigerated air escaped. This also minimizes how much the employees are handling the product, keeping it cooler and saving money.

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Industrial real estate isn’t just warehouses and manufacturing buildings. It involves several types of properties, such as cold storage warehouses and each property has it’s own needs. Want to learn more about industrial real estate? Contact SVN | Graham, Langlois, and Legendre today!