Hurricane Preparedness and Response

  • August 23, 2018
  • News

Be Ready for the Next Hurricane Season?

For the 2018 season, which ends November 30th, NOAA predicts a total of 9-13 named storms of which 4-7 will become hurricanes.

Since hurricane season is now upon us, there is no better time than now to learn how to prepare your properties for hurricanes. Here is a list of tips and guidelines to help you plan ahead, minimize damage accordingly and respond appropriately once a storm has passed.

Examine your Property

Property managers and owners should learn the elevation level of their property and whether the area is prone to flooding. If the building has elevators raise them above the ground floor to prevent water from seeping in.

Create a Plan of Action

Keep a lookout for any changes in storm behavior. Be sure to plan for damage control. Contact insurance companies in advance and inform them of the storm in case of damages.

Secure the Property

Keep plywood and sand bags on hand to cover the windows and block doors from strong winds and damaging rains. Ensure that shrubs and trees around the property are trimmed so they are more wind resistant, and clear loose and clogged rain gutters.

Seek Contractors

Make contacts to assist with cleaning up any damage that may have occurred during the storm.

Establish a Communication Plan

Let tenants know in advance the best way to reach out to report any damage. After the storm, management should be on site to assess damage and inform tenants of the property’s status.