It can be challenging to find a commercial real estate broker who fits your direct needs as an investor, owner, or tenant. The turnover rate for CRE brokers is high, so it is ever changing and you never know what you might get. There are three qualities that you should look for in a commercial real estate broker: industry experience, transactional experience, and most importantly, teamwork. Looking for these qualities will help provide you with the best service and directly effect your needs. Check out this blog post from our friends at SVN | Percival Partners to learn why these qualities are so important and how to find them in a commercial real estate broker.

Know this: No commercial real estate Broker is created equal. In an industry where Brokers come and go like the tide, it can often be challenging for an investor, landlord/owner or tenant to locate the right Broker to best serve their needs. 

So how do you decide?commercial real estate broke

There are many factors that can quantify a Broker as “outstanding”, from work ethic and experience to the marketing platforms and technology utilized. Ultimately making the best decision comes down to four main factors: expertise, transactional experience, specialization and collaboration.

Below we delve into each of these factors and hopefully help you decide who gets your business, finding the commercial real estate Broker who will get you the best deal possible.

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The Commercial Real Estate Broker Has Industry Expertise

When hiring a commercial real estate Broker the first thing you will want to ensure is that they are well versed in their industry. While it’s true that “everyone starts somewhere”, a commercial transaction where huge sums of money are being thrown around is not the place to take a chance on a newbie.

Ask about years experience and the different roles or positions the Broker has held throughout his or her career. Also, we get it, saying to find someone with expertise is pretty obvious, but make sure you…