If your small business is growing, you will most likely eventually be faced with the task of leasing commercial office space.  Although it may sound like it’s relatively cut and dry, in reality, you will need to spend a diligent amount of time researching the types of spaces that are available in your area.  Will it benefit your company to submit to the growing popularity of shared office spaces, or would it make more sense to enter into a more traditional lease?  If you opt for the lease, will your company prosper more by a conventional private office layout, or would it behoove you to consider the possibility of a more open concept?  Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of each so that you can make a more informed decision.

Shared Office Space

Over the past decade, shared office space has become increasingly attractive, and for good reason.  A shared office space is a commercial building where multiple businesses may operate on a daily basis.  The cost model of these spaces will vary, but typically members will pay a monthly fee that offers them access to the building, with optional upgrades for premium features such as private meeting rooms or special equipment.  The benefits here for a start-up or extremely small company are relatively obvious.  Not only is this a great way to keep costs efficient while the business builds, but it is also a phenomenal opportunity to network with other smaller start-ups in an effort to help one another grow.  On the downside, if your company grows faster than projected, you may outgrow the space and be locked into it for the duration of your agreement (unless you sign on a month-to-month basis).  It may also require flexibility as you work with and around other people’s schedules.

Traditional Private

If you’re looking to enter into a more traditional type of lease for your office space, you will need to consider what kind of a layout will be the most productive for your company (among some of the more obvious other factors).  Historically, the idea of office space always seems to conjure up images of high-powered executives in private offices, with the more novice office employees separated by vast expanses of cubicles within a giant building.  Although this model has become increasingly archaic over the years, there are still plenty of benefits to it.  For one thing, companies that are handling sensitive or confidential information have much more seclusion in which to handle their business.  Each employee is offered his/her own private space with less distractions and noise to impede their work flow.  On the other hand, this type of office layout is not conducive to encouraging collaboration between employees.  Each time they need to discuss something with a coworker, they are taken from their workspace and essentially, distracted from the work at hand.  Also, the lack of communication between coworkers can lead to missed opportunities for the business as a whole.

Traditional Open

Another type of layout you may want to consider for your traditional office space is an open floorplan layout.  This option removes the walls and separation between employees and instead, focuses on creating wider, open workspaces with large common areas where workers can converge and collaborate.  Furniture is positioned in ways to encourage interaction and can be repositioned as the needs of the business shift.  The benefits to this type of layout are obvious in the sense that it creates a greater sense of community within the company, which leads employees to find greater joy and pride in their work.  The contact is a great way to spur new ideas, as well as keeping morale up.  The downfall of this type of configuration is that it can lead to greater noise and distractions, causing a lack of concentration for some of your less focused employees.  It may also leave more introverted employees feeling drained and less productive.

Looking for Commercial Office Space in the Baton Rouge Area?

Now that you are aware of the pros and cons of the existing options within the commercial office space market, it’s time to get searching for the perfect space for your business.  Regardless of which model you choose, working with a professional is the best way to guarantee a great deal!  The real estate Advisors at SVN | Graham, Langlois, Legendre, LLC have taken their combined 99 years of experience in the commercial real estate market to work with the entire brokerage community, ensuring that our clients get the best return on their investments.  We work diligently to put your needs first!  Take a look at some of our available properties today and contact a team member to take your search to the next level of success!