You’ve found the perfect commercial office space, and that’s great!  Now, however, you have the task of turning it into a perfect reflection of your company.  How you set up and decorate your office space will have a big impact on how well you relate to your target market, what the productivity levels of your staff will be, and the overall flow of your workspace.  Follow these tips and tricks to create an eye-pleasing atmosphere that is also fully functional and won’t leave you looking to make changes any time soon.


Your commercial office space is the home of your business, and the artwork that you put up will have a very real impact on the feeling that the space evokes.  Try to avoid tacky corporate art…you know, the kitten hanging from the tree with the words “Hang in There” strategically flowing across the bottom of the print, or even the eagle soaring high above the mountains surrounded by inspirational prose.  This type of artwork creates an atmosphere that feels cheap.  This is a good place to invest a little more of your budget to purchase artwork that feels classic and timeless and can contribute to your space for years to come.

Reception Area

The first question you should really consider about your commercial office space is whether or not it requires a reception area.  If you’re not entertaining clients on a daily basis, the answer is probably no.  Taking out this component of your space can be a huge blessing on your budget, and can also give you more space to devote to the rest of your office needs.  If you do occasionally have a visitor, consider guiding them through your space with clear signage so that they never feel lost.  If it does make sense for you to invest in a reception area, purchase seating and tables that are durable and simple and can grow with your company for a long time to come.


Drab lighting can make your commercial office space feel dingy and cramped.  Devote a portion of your budget to invest in lighting that creates a positive and uplifting ambiance throughout your space.  The addition of a floor lamp here and there instead of harsh neon lighting can offer your staff and visitors a much softer experience.


commercial office space aesthetics The paint colors in your commercial office space are another factor you will want to consider.  Re-painting can get expensive quickly, so choose colors the first time around that will stand the test of time.  Going with a color that is too light will show every little nick, scratch, and ding in the drywall, so opt for colors that are a bit more resilient, without being oppressively dark. Choose shades that are more neutral and versatile, as opposed to bright pops of color.

Functional Furniture

The layout, size, and style of your furniture will greatly attribute to the functionality of your commercial office space.  Large, clunky desks will be harder to move around, while smaller ones will offer you many more options when it comes to your office layout.  Look for multipurpose pieces as well, or consider shared spaces where two or more employees share a larger desktop with added storage.

Keep it Tidy

A cluttered commercial office space is a really good way to invite the chaos in, and nobody wants that.  Make it a point to keep your waiting area and general office space in a neat and tidy fashion.  Require your staff to do the same to their desktops and to any shared common areas within your space.  The simple act of keeping things clean will keep your office flowing smoothly, all the while creating a more serene atmosphere for both employees and guests alike.

Invite the Outdoors In

Inviting some earthy elements into your commercial office space will have it feeling less like a corporate compound and more like a Zen garden.  More and more studies are proving that relaxation promotes productivity, so investing some time and money here is sure to help your business in the long run.  Bring in live plants, sunshine, and even a water feature to create a space that keeps giving back.

Looking for Commercial Office Space in Baton Rouge?

Now that you know how to make your commercial office space a place that your business can be proud of, it’s time to find the new home for your company.  At SVN | Graham, Langlois, & Legendre, LLC, we have so many amazing properties that we can’t wait to show you.  From the walk-through, to the closing, and beyond, our team will be with you to ensure that your transaction is successful and your space reflects the core values that your business is built upon.  Take a look through some of our available properties today and contact us to get started.