Your employees spend a whole lot of time at the office, which can be a drag if they don’t enjoy where they work!  It’s been proven time and time again that happy employees are exponentially more efficient and productive, and who wouldn’t want that?  Armed with this information, the new commercial office space model is changing it up to provide their employees with many more incentives that will keep them enthusiastically showing up day after day.  Here are a few simple things you can do to make your commercial office space a place your employees will continue to love.

1. Fitness

One of the chief complaints of commercial office space employees is the sedentary nature of life behind a desk.  Not only does lack of movement create lethargy in your employees, but it can also lead to unnecessary bodily stress and sickness.  Consider offering your employees a gym membership or on-site fitness classes.  Yoga, for example, is proven to reduce stress and calm the mind. If you have a very large business, you may even think about adding an on-site gym that your employees can visit on designated breaks.

2. Office Mascot

pets at commercial office spaceThere’s nothing quite as adorable as walking into a commercial office space and being greeted by a friendly pet.  If you have a well-mannered cat or dog (and employees without allergies) you may want to think through the idea of inviting them into your office.  Having an on-site mascot is a great way to boost morale and spread a little more love and appreciation to your staff.

3. Snacks

A hungry staff is typically an angry staff.  That being said, employees who are filling up on sugary sweets and greasy snacks will definitely experience a midday crash.  Combat this by offering an assortment of healthy snacks available to them each and every day.

4. In-House Massage

In an effort to further reduce stress and also to alleviate some of the physical grievances associated with working in a commercial office space, offer your staff a much needed reprieve with an in-house masseuse that comes once a week.  Your employees will feel pampered, appreciated, and refreshed.

5. Themed Workdays

Working in a commercial office space can feel a little banal if every day feels like the same thing over and over again.  Inspire creativity, humor, and fun among your staff by doing themed workdays once a month.  Allow all of your employees to come to work dressed in their silliest pajamas or like super heroes.  The temporary distraction will be well worth it when you see their enjoyment and productivity on the rise.

6. Offsite Events

Every once in a while, encourage teamwork and comradery by getting your staff out of the commercial office space.  This may mean cutting out an hour early on a Friday to host a group bowling excursion. It could also mean hiring an executive life coach and spending the day doing team-building exercises at a park or at an offsite facility.  Either way, getting your group together in a different environment will keep them ready for anything.

7. Daycare Centers

If you have a larger company in a bigger commercial office space, you might think about offering on-site childcare.  Many working parents would jump at the opportunity to know that their child is safe, sound, and nearby.  This knowledge will serve to keep them happy and focused.

8. Encourage Socialization

The concept of the water cooler has become a thing of the past as new commercial office space protocol spreads like wildfire.  Employees no longer have to find some viable excuse to speak with their co-workers and get a break from their screens.  In fact, many employers are including brief socialization periods into the workday.  Breaking up the day in this way helps to keep everybody focused when they need to be.

9.  Employee Suggestion Box

No matter how big or small your company is every commercial office space should have a place where employees can make anonymous suggestions as to the changes they believe the company should implement.  This doesn’t mean that you have to follow through with every idea that finds its way onto your desk, but it does help you to better understand the needs and desires of your most valuable asset, your staff.  It also provides you with an opportunity to source untapped creativity among your employees.  Who knows what great ideas they might come up with?

Looking for Commercial Office Space in the Baton Rouge Area?

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