Why to Hire a Commercial Broker

  • May 30, 2017
  • CRE

Hiring a commercial broker can be beneficial for everyone in the commercial real estate market, whether you are a tenant to an investor. It is easy to be skeptical as to why you may need to hire a broker; however, having a professional on your side can be extremely helpful. You will optimize your access to commercial real estate listings, as well as gain some inside connections which could be a great asset in the future. Check out this post from out friends at SVN | Percival Partners to learn the 3 reasons you should hire a commercial broker.

3 Reasons to Hire a Commercial Broker

There are those that automatically know the benefit of working with a commercial Broker, and there are those that need a little convincing. No matter what your commercial real estate need or goal – as an owner, a seller, a tenant or an investor – having a professional expert on your side always guarantees an optimal outcome.

From the very beginning of a search to signing on the dotted line, when you use a commercial Broker you are setting yourself up for success now and throughout the life of your investment. With so many variables that can pop-up during a transaction, ensure that your interests are covered. Here are the three reasons why you should always hire a commercial real estate broker to handle your CRE needs.

You want complete access to area listings

commercial brokerBefore you can even worry about a contract or lease, you first need to find the commercial property that meets your business needs or investment goals. You can do like everyone else and go online, sure, but know that will only gain you access to about 50% of the listings in your market.

Most users search LoopNet or CoStar for properties, but when they do they are using the free platform and this runs into two issues. One is that many of those listings are already leased or sold, and two the information is often old and not updated making it obsolete.

To truly gain access to…