When you begin the search for office space, you are likely considering that you need to find a property which will encourage productivity among your employees, and allow for greater organization.  While this is naturally important, it can also leave us stuck looking for the quintessential unicorn…the one space that doesn’t exist…if we get caught up in an exact vision of what this looks like.  If you’ve found a space that’s almost it, but doesn’t quite hit all the marks, don’t worry.  There are many simple and relatively cost-effective improvements and changes that can help to make your office space a haven for productivity and organization.

1. Wall Color

Something as simple as paint can thoroughly change the vibe within your office space.  Get clear on the environment you are trying to create for your employees, and choose your colors accordingly.

  • Green is associated with creativity, growth, and balance.
  • Red is associated with energy and stimulation, but can also encourage distraction. This is a color better used in a common space to encourage socialization.
  • Blue evokes feelings of stability, peace, communication, and efficiency, although certain tones can invite feelings of coldness.
  • Yellow tends to invite feelings of happiness, confidence, and creativity.

These are only a few examples, but the science behind color is worth looking into.

2. Light it Up

If your office space doesn’t have a lot of natural light, invite more in by switching to CFL (compact fluorescent light) bulbs, which emit a more natural feeling light.  You can also eliminate the overheads altogether, instead opting to allow your employees to have desk lamps or other sources of indirect light.

3. Bring the Outdoors In

Filling your office space with different types of greenery is proven to have a lasting positive effect on your employees and office morale in general.  Not only do they help to encourage productivity, but they also have the extra benefit of filtering air and removing mold and bacteria.

4. Regulate the Temperature

While many of your employees will run a little hot or a little cold, for the most part, they will find general comfort within a similar temperature zone.  Making sure that your office space is not too hot (which encourages lethargy and sluggishness) or too cold (which can incite feelings of discomfort and restlessness) will help to increase productivity throughout the day.

5. Change Your Flooring

While this may seem like it’s not a big deal, the ground that you are walking on can be a big factor playing into the productivity within your office space.  Choosing one flooring material which runs the entire length of the office creates a feeling of spaciousness and organization.  The material you choose is also important.  Carpet or engineered wood will help to cancel out noise, while hard tiles will echo the noise throughout the building, making it harder to concentrate on phone calls, in meetings, et cetera.

6. Mobilize Your Monitors

When it comes to organizing your office space, clutter is your worst enemy.  Having clean, clear workspaces will help your employees to stay efficient and productive.  Rather than having desktop monitors, consider attaching the monitors to adjustable arms so that they can be moved off to the side when they are not in use.

7. Consider Comfier Furniture

Although you don’t have to provide each of your employees with a thousand dollar chair, providing them a bit of extra comfort in their office space can be a big catalyst to greater productivity.

8.  Think Vertical

Remember that organization does not just have to take place in the general square footage of your office space.  Use wall space by installing shelving strategically throughout the office.  This will help to eliminate the use of bulky bookcases and other potentially unnecessary furniture that may add clutter to the space.

9. Create Zones

Maximize your office space and increase productivity by breaking your common areas into zones.  Place office equipment in your work zone (designated for copying, printing, and faxing), create a meeting zone with couches, chairs, and tables (for projects that may require collaboration), and use one space for your reference zone to house any and all commonly used reference materials.

10.  Don’t Forget About Telecommuting

If you’ve found the perfect office space but can’t quite accommodate all of your businesses needs size-wise, remember that there are plenty of trustworthy employees who may benefit greatly (both for themselves and the company) by telecommuting.

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